Maeya Art Festival
01/23 to 02/10,2015
Rolling Hills Estate, CA

The 2015 Maeya Art Festival, The Book Sign Event:
4:00-5:30PM; Jan.25, 2015
550 Deep Valley Drive; Room 261; Rolling Hills Estate, Ca 90275

About the reference book "The Dictionary of the Rhythm in Mao-style Cursive Script"(毛泽东草书韵典)
Compiled by Mr. Yaohua Zhao, the Vice Chairman of Hebei Mao-Style Calligraphy Research Institute, the reference book The Dictionary of the Rhythm in Mao-style Cursive Script is published by Hebei Fine Arts Publisher to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birth. The editor elaborately selected the essential calligraphy works from Mao’s massive handwritings and creatively arranged them into the dictionary, making it a classical model of calligraphy for practicing Mao-style cursive script. This innovative dictionary is compiled based on the rhythm of the modern Chinese characters, which makes it easy and convenient to look up the word. With the original layout design and handmade Chinese art paper, this dictionary is more than just a utility dictionary. It is also a treasurable book that is of great collection value.


About Mao-Style Calligraphy:(毛体书法)
Mao Zedong (aka Chairman Mao) was a skilled Chinese calligrapher with a highly personal style. In China, Mao was considered a master calligrapher during his lifetime. His calligraphy can be seen today throughout mainland China. His work gave rise to a new form of Chinese calligraphy called "Mao-style" or Maoti, which has gained increasing popularity since his death. There currently exist various competitions specializing in Mao-style calligraphy.

About the Author:
Mr. Yaohua Zhao(赵耀华)
Born in Cangzhou, China in 1942, Yaohua Zhao is now the Vice Chairman of Hebei Mao’s Calligraphy Research Institute and the Advisor of Hebei Calligraphy and Painting Art Research Institute and Heibei Pen Calligrapher Association. Working predominantly in the medium of brush calligraphy, Yaohua Zhao is also a member of Art Council of China Calligraphy Research Institute.